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🐾📢 Introducing the new and improved TDL Gundog whistle! 🐾📢


Same trusted pitch, but with a sleek new design featuring our signature paw and a stylish black ring, making it the perfect accessory for every dog owner. And that’s not all – we’re excited to unveil two new vibrant colors: hot pink and sky blue, custom-made exclusively for The Dog Lady! 😍


Why use a whistle for your dog?


**Clear Communication**: Whistles provide consistent and distinct signals, improving communication between you and your dog, especially over long distances or in noisy environments, making them particularly effective for recall training.


**Focus and Consistency**: The unique sound of a whistle captures your dog's attention and ensures consistent commands, leading to better focus and faster learning, essential for successful recall training.


**Hands-Free and Versatile**: Our attractive lanyard allows for hands-free operation and can be used for various training purposes, including recall training, making it an effective and versatile tool in obedience, agility, and hunting training.


Be the first to get your paws on one by pre-ordering now before they hit Amazon. Limited quantities available, so act fast! If you're local to us in St. Helen's, you can pick yours up directly.

TDL Gundog Whistle (Black with Navy Rope)



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