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Secure Field & Canine Enrichment Park

By The Dog Lady
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About Me


Set in the grounds of the absolutely stunning, dog friendly, Rainhill Hall, our field has canine enrichment at its core.


Ideal for dogs who cannot be let off lead in public, our private dog park gives you a safe space to exercise and engage your dog.


Perhaps you find walking in public too stressful? Does your dog struggle to stay close and just want to run over to others?


Perhaps you are looking for a safe space to do some training on recall.


You will have exclusive use of the field during your time slot for up to 6 dogs.

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There are plenty of enrichment activities for the dogs to enjoy within the park. It isn't just being a field to run around in. We have shrubs, bushes and trees for your dog to explore. Secret paths and not so secret ones. It is like being in your very own secret garden.


Things like a sandpit for digging; digging is a natural behaviour for dogs and it is a wonderful stress relief. Or our Tyre Tower that all the dogs seem to enjoy. During the spring and summer months we now have pools of water to cool off in and a gazebo.


As with other secure fields there will be plenty of space to explore, however, ours will be a bit more “wild” and “natural”. We hope this will encourage more sniffing and natural behaviour.


8ft walls all the way around also give you peace of mind.


I’m so excited for this adventure, it has been on my vision board for a long time and can’t believe it's a reality.


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